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Copeland Presbyterian Church

Copeland Church in Athens, Alabama, is a young and growing congregation, a community of believers and seekers celebrating the grace of God together.

From the very moment you first open the door of this church, we want you to feel that you have arrived home. We strive to provide a loving community that meets human need and transforms people into disciples of Jesus Christ. Perhaps our vision statement- Seeking, Serving, Sharing, Christ- says it all. We seek the will of Jesus Christ together, serve one another and God, and share the love of Christ with each other and the World.

Whatever your spiritual needs are, we want to help you achieve them. Do you need a friend? You will find one here. Do you want to belong to a community of people that care about you? You can find that here. Do you want to find meaning in your life? We will aid you in your search. Do you want to know more about Jesus Christ? We will share what we know.

You will find a diverse community here. While some of our members have been here all of their lives, some have been here only a few years. Though many of our members are older, some are younger. Our worship services are a blend of the old and the new. Prayer meetings, small group life, bible study and mission projects are all available here.

Peace of Christ Be With You,

Tom Lewis, Pastor