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Copeland Presbyterian Church

Copeland Ministry Teams - Acts 16:5 Ministry

The Acts 16:5 Initiative is designed to invite interested congregations to engage in a deliberate process of congregational transformation. This process will permit a congregation to develop an understanding of the transformational congregation that is simultaneously communal (serving the congregation itself) and missional (reaching the surrounding community).

The aims of Acts 16:5 is to give a congregation:

  • The means of designing ministry appropriate to the specific needs of the congregation and the needs of the surrounding community.
  • Ways to review and to affirm each congregation's past and present ministries while simultaneously designing a ministry for the future.
  • Guidance and support in the process of congregational change and transformation.

The pastor and the Acts 16:5 Team meet bi-monthly to develop special ministry proposals appropriate to the needs of the congregation and opportunities in the community.