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Copeland Presbyterian Church

History of Copeland Church

As a congregation, we have been serving Christ in the Copeland Community since 1895. It all started with a small band of early settlers who felt the need to meet together in the fellowship of Christ, and to study the Bible together. They started a Sunday School in a log cabin called Pilgrims' Rest located about 2 miles east of the current church site on Copeland Road. A young minister, Rev. Berry Copeland, came to preach for them and helped organized the congregation which chose the name Bethel. They were received as a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation in 1896 with 13 charter members. Rev. Copeland served as Pastor on and off for some forty years.

In 1906, Bethel became a United Presbyterian Church. The early church grew rapidly and a new church was built, mainly by volunteer labor, at the corner of Copeland and Wells Roads. This new building was dedicated on the first Sunday in May, 1913. A brick building was erected in 1957. This building was heavily damaged by fire in 1992.

The current building rose from the ashes and was dedicated in May of 1994. Copeland is a part of the North Alabama Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church USA.

The church structures are less important than the people of the church. The people of the Copeland congregation have always loved Christ and have sought to serve their Lord in their part of the world.