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Copeland Presbyterian Church

Copeland Mission

The Copeland congregation follows Christ by serving others. The following are some current mission projects:

  • Limestone County Churches Involved (LCCI). An organization of local churches which seeks to help those in need with a food pantry. Help with utility bills, mortgage or rent payments, travel for medical purposes, and other expenses are considered on an individual basis. Copeland members collect food for the food pantry, make monetary donations, and volunteer to help LCCI serve the community.
  • Presbyterian Home for Children. Located in Talladega, AL, the Presbyterian Home provides various services for children in need. Copeland members make donations, send cards and gifts to children, and one member currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Home.
  • Christmas Service Projects. Each year the congregation seeks families in the community who could use some help at Christmas. Members purchase gifts and provide food for several families and/or purchase gifts for children through the Department of Human Resources.
  • Mexico Mission. Church volunteers join with the First Presbyterian Church of Athens to build houses in Reynosa, Mexico through the Faith Ministry of McAllen, TX. Missionaries are housed in First Presbyterian Church of Weslaco, TX and cross the border to work in Mexico each day. The congregations' donations help support this ministry.
  • Kenyan Mission. Church volunteers travel to Kenya to provide medical care, build facilities, provide vacation Bible school, etc. in a remote village. Donations are collected of medical equipment, school supplies, personal items, Bible school supplies, etc. to be sent ahead of the missionaries.
  • Living Waters for the World. A project of the Synod of Living Waters to bring clean drinking water to many areas around the world including places in the United States. The congregation makes donations to help provide this vital resource for life.